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Here are some songs. These are my favorite ones.

Buried (from After)
Lactose-Intolerant Girl (from Lactose-Intolerant)
Bored (from After)
Out-Of-Lovesong (from After)
I'm Growing On You (from Lactose-Intolerant)
Maybe Next Time (from Lactose-Intolerant)
Sleepyhead (from After)

See below for the albums they came from.
I am simultaneously extremely proud of and mildly embarrassed by both of them.

For anyone checking out this stuff who's not my mom - thanks, and drop me a note if you like anything you've heard.
(Thanks to mom too.)

After (2004)  iTunes  cdbaby

Lactose-Intolerant E.P. (2001)  iTunes  cdbaby

"After" cover

Produced by Jeff Louie and Eric Hennen

1.    Shoot That Girl
2.    She Doesn't Know
3.    Stalker
4.    It's Going To Snow
5.    Unless
6.    Cathexis (Take A Look)
7.    Sleepyhead
8.    Fledgling
9.    Bored
10.  Let Me Breathe
11.  Out-Of-Lovesong
12.  Let Me Go
14.  Buried

"Lactose-Intolerant" cover  

Produced by Jeff Louie and Eric Hennen

1.    Don't Forget Me
2.    Overwhelmed
3.    Lactose-Intolerant Girl
4.    Born In The 70s
5.    When I Was With You
6.    I'm Growing On You
7.    Maybe Next Time

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