The Spandrels.
1. You’re The Burns To My Smithers.
2. This Is As Good As It Gets.
3. Between.
4. Amaranta.
5. Thirty.
6. I’m Stealing Your Woman.
7. I’m Sorry I’m Not Crazy Anymore.
8. Salad Days.
9. Out Of My Hands.
Jeff Louie – vocals, guitar, violin.
Dave Jamrog – drums, vocals.
Sven Larson – bass.
Vanessa Holroyd – vocals.
Jesse Holstein – violin.
Chloë Kline – viola.
Sebastian Ruth – viola.
Nat Farny – viola.
Nat Barrett – cello.
Heath Marlow – cello.

Written and arranged by Jeff.
Recorded by Dave and Sven.
Mixed by Dave and Jeff.

Sad Smithers.